By Marijana Paravinja

We are connected with our body and the Earth energy when we are grounded. We are often said to “be realistic” and in most cases this relates to people’s desires to fulfill their personal expectations. However, I refer here to the presence and facing our own reality. We are not “less spiritual” if we stand with both legs firmly on the ground. Actually, only then we have enough energy for daily activities and challenges. Living in the present moment boosts us with strength and determination to face stressful situations bravely and successfully.

Nowadays, it is easy to get “disconnected” due to modern lifestyle. Therefore, we can feel misbalanced, insecure, frightened, apathetic, depressed. Also, we can have issues with: bodyweight, digestion, sciatica, feet and have feeling that the life is getting out of hand.

The first chakra or root chakra (the Muladhara chakra) is of great importance. If the root chakra is balanced, we are in the present moment and we have enough material resources and confidence in the life process. In case of misbalanced root chakra, we can do a short exercise that strengthens us every day:

  1. Sit and maintain proper posture of your spine.
  2. Keep your breathing balanced and relaxed for few minutes.
  3. When deeply relaxed, imagine a deep root going from the feet to the center of the Earth.
  4. Feel the Earth energy and affirm mentally e.g.:
  • I am safe here and now.
  • I love my body.
  • I feel great being who I am.
  • The Earth is a source of abundance.
  • I accept abundance.
  • I trust the life process.
  • I believe everything happens for my highest good.
  • I attract and accept my highest good.

Fly, dream, imagine but stay grounded.

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