By Ole Gabrielsen

First make sure you have an active Kundalini. If you are not sure, you can my Kundalini Activation service.

To have an awakened Kundalini means that your body is able to absorb and transform the life force energy that earth emits. You are like a rechargeable battery and the earth is a battery charger, constantly providing you with life force.

If the battery does not function properly, the charger will not be able to charge up the battery to its full capacity. Clearing the connection to Earth, the chakras and the main energy channel (also called the Sushumna) will return the natural flow to the energy system. This stronger energy flow in the body will also help the itself to clear stagnated energy and blocks. Further, any Kundalini related issues will be solved.

Many times I get the question “Is there something I can do to keep the Kundalini flow strong?”

When your Kundalini is activated, it should continue to “work”, as it is your natural flow of your energy system. There can though be situations in life, that can “weaken” the already active flow. Example traumas or releasing a lot of blocks/negative emotions.

You can use meditation and visualization as a way to clear out any stagnated energy, that is stuck anywhere in your system. Here’s an example:

Simply imagine that energy/life force is emitting from Earth. Imagine that this life force is entering up through your legs, up through all your chakras, starting wth the Root Chakra and ending through and out of your Crown chakra, like a fountain. Keep this flow for as long as you like, until you feel a release.

This method can be repeated every week or whenever you feel like.

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